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Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s.

Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s. (ZSSK CARGO) was established on 1st of January 2005 by the division of the original operator in passenger and freight rail transport. Our activity follows up the more than 180-year long history of rail freight transport in Slovakia. We are the largest and only network-wide railway freight carrier on the Slovak market, we provide transport not only on the main, but also on all regional railway lines. The founder and 100% shareholder of ZSSK CARGO is the Slovak Republic, on whose behalf the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic acts.


The mission of our company is to provide reliable, safe, ecological and costs friendly rail freight transport services focused on needs and requests of our customers.
The principal product of ZSSK CARGO is transport of consignment wagons. Intermodal transport, automotive, siding services, services in Eastern Slovak Transshipment Yards (ESTY) and supporting services belong to product portfolio of the company too.
In addition to supplementary services related directly to execution of freight and combined transport, ZSSK CARGO provides services related to renting of the rolling stock, its maintenance and repair as its second key service product.


Our vision is to be a dynamic, progressive and respected transportation company with a stable transportation market share. Development of our company is focused on a long-term financial stability, maintenance of the current traffic share in a market economy of the Slovak Republic and European Union, competitiveness in the national and international market and sustainable customer satisfaction and performance improvement.
The company has built a quality management system of provided services for selected products and owns quality certificates awarded according to the international standards ISO 9001.

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