Publication of the Electronic Documents

iconPublication of the Electronic Documents

EN - Mail Registry for Electronic Documents

DE - Annahmestelle von elektronischen Dokumenten

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Dear customer,

aiming to improve our customer service we have introduced the possibility to submit the invoices for the transport performed by our company in electronic form. This service will be available through our PED system, which should make the process of invoice submission by the customer more efficient replacing the paper invoices with electronic ones.

The invoices sent in this manner are signed with an electronic signature which verifies their authenticity and status.

Safety of data transferred between the customer and the PED is ensured by the HTTPS protocol and other security features.

The service will be provided to customers by virtue of a contract on electronic invoicing.

Should you be interested in this service, please call +421 55 229 5461 and +421 911 989 772,
or write an e-mail to:

Postal contact:

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Trade Support and Marketing Section
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