ZSSK CARGO and Rail Transit Transport

18.06.2024 The geographical center of Europe, Slovakia, has the seventh densest railway network in Europe, and for rail transit transport, the ideal solution is to use the services of the largest full-network carrier, ZSSK CARGO.

ZSSK CARGO Business 1/2024

04.06.2024 Dear business partners, we bring you the latest business and technological news from our company from which we select: The most important for us is to maintain and strengthen the key east-west transport route, We managed doing business in uncertain conditions, We do our best to make business run smoothly ...

EU Representatives in TKD Dobrá and Čierna nad Tisou

23.04.2024 Yesterday, April 22, Combined Transport Terminal – Dobrá and the transshipment facilities in Čierna nad Tisou were visited by representatives of EU Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport and the State Secretary of the Slovak Ministry of Transport, Denisa Žiláková. ZSSK CARGO demonstrated the transshipment of various items, such as sheet metal, steel coils, grain, palletized freight, or iron ore.

Slag to Cement, Cement to Highway or Power Plant

17.04.2024 Slovakia, a country rich in limestone reserves, is a home to several large cement plants, to which raw materials and from which finished products are transported ecologically - by rail.

Freight Rail Transport in the North of Slovakia - Kysuce, Turiec, Orava and Liptov regions

11.03.2024 Due to their mountainous character, the Kysuce, Turiec, Orava and Liptov regions do not pride with a dense railway network. However, thanks to transit routes and important industrial companies in the region, freight rail transport is still active here. And its untapped potential is even greater.

Slovakia Remains in Motion! Thanks to ZSSK CARGO.

14.02.2024 The daily life and mobility of millions of people in Slovakia would be hard to imagine without the regular supply of petrol and diesel to distribution centres.
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