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Services at East Slovak Transshipment Yards

Services at East Slovak Transshipment Yards

Within transshipment and re-pumping of goods ZSSK CARGO provides following transport services:

  • Tasks related to loading, transshipment, attachment and labeling of consignments,
  • Ascertainment of weight of consignments by weighing on weighbridge,
  • Palletization, baling and belting of goods,
  • Detection of damaged consignments,
  • Forwarding of traffic tools and instruments of the carriers,
  • Distribution of consignments under mass or partial orders eventually including unloading,
  • Subsequent ascertainment of transition of consignments via the Slovak state frontiers,
  • Providing customers with information on entry of consignment, transshipment and departure of wagons from Čierna nad Tisou and Maťovce,
  • Issuance of non-guaranteed transit customs declaration,
  • Issuance and submission of a unified customs document with respective annexes,
  • Substituting of a customs officer at submission of customs declaration,
  • Delivery of consignment notes to a phyto-surveyor to check health conditions of transported plants, vegetable products or items that may act as bearers of harmful organisms,
  • Sending out counterparts of consignment notes and other documents to transporters,
  • Reporting on goods transition via a frontier.

In compliance with the valid legal regulation CIM, PIM and LIF, regular traffic of consignments with the CIM consignment note, and without any change of traffic conditions in the Slovak Republic territory, i.e. without a new registration in Čierna nad Tisou, to stipulated destination points on the Ukrainian railways as well as traffic of transit consignments via Ukraine to Romania on the routing Čierna nad Tisou/Chop - Diakovo/Halmeu is possible.

This creates the conditions for a direct transportation of consignments under an international CIM consignment note from all COTIF member countries to destination stations in Ukraine located at the track section with the gauge of 1435mm - Chop, Esen, Batevo, Barkasovo, Strabichevo, Mukachevo (Чоп, Есень, Батево, Баркасово, Страбичево, Мукачево).Besides the listed stations, the change from SMGS to CIM traffic conditions and vice versa is performed.

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Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s.

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