Exceptional load

Exceptional load

Transportation of exceptional load

Exceptional load are consignments which cause special troubles to the carrier, by their outside proportions, weight or their nature. Therefore they can only be accepted for conveyance under special technical and operational conditions. These consignments do not meet binding provisions of regulations of loading goods in the railway wagons, stipulated in UIC Loading Directives.

The most common reasons for considering the consignment to be exceptional load:

  • out-of-gauge load (consignments with dimensions exceeding dimensions allowed for the particular track)
  • consignments requiring special measures due to location of the gravity centre of the load so that the safety of operations would not be jeopardized,
  • consignments with length exceeding end axle or a hinge of the hinge-connected wagon with more than 2 axles to a bigger extent than allowed by the Loading Directives,
  • consignments longer than 36 m,
  • railway vehicles on their own wheels not being marked „RIV“ or „RIC“,
  • railway vehicles with original bogie of 1520 mm wheel base, changed to a bogie of 1435 mm wheel base, namely wagons of O-VM and 1-VM profile, and wagons of any profile not being marked „MC“ (wagons not being marked „RIV“ and wagons, construction of which exceeds allowed limits),
  • hinge-connected railway freight wagons (empty or loaded) with the distance between hinges of 19 000 mm or more.

    Customer services section provides:
  • Forwarding of customer´s requests to the infrastructure manager ŽSR – department of URMIZA,
  • Comprehensive solution of customer´s requests for transportation of exceptional load,
  • Communication with ŽSR in order to meet the request,
  • Informing the customer on progress and activities indispensable for execution of exceptional load transportations.

Request for permission to transport an exceptional load


Specialists for exceptional load: 

Jana Bodrogová
tel:         +421 55 229 5515
mobil:   +421 904 597 331
e-mail: CargoMZ@zscargo.sk


Attila Kassai
tel:         +421 55 229 5517
mobil:   +421 903 456 802
e-mail: CargoMZ@zscargo.sk

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