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Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport is a transport using various traffic modes using one or the same combined transport cargo unit without handling with its contents during transportation. 

In Europe, intermodal transport is an inseparable part of transport policy mostly because of its reduction of negative impacts of road transport on environment, consumption of fuels and energy, costs on roads and highways maintenance, farmland occupation and increase of road traffic safety. 

From point of view of the customer using intermodal transport, this carriage and mechanization complex enabling transportation of goods as one transport unit from consignor to consignee represents an uninterrupted process of transportation by railway, road, waterway and eventually air. 

Geographical position of the Slovak Republic predetermines and enhances importance of transit in direction west-east as well as north-south. There are favorable conditions for intermodal transport in Slovakia within road-rail transport system, since both railway and road infrastructures are well developed in Slovakia. 

Within intermodal transport our company provides the following processes:

  • intermodal transport planning and management
  • customer’s needs analysis
  • offers for intermodal transport
  • contracting of intermodal transport
  • transportation, business, tariff, technological and technical conditions
  • implementation of intermodal transport customer services
  • operation of terminals
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