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Transport of Commodities

Transport of Commodities


With respect to adaptation of demanding requirements of car producers ZSSK CARGO has made a decision to establish a specialized group of people already involved in this field before. The team takes care of future development in line with our customers‘ interest. We are contributing to implementation of functional transportation concepts in cooperation with the European railway companies.  
The automotive sector includes companies focusing on car production and engineering, in particular car producers and their contractors. Currently the automotive is the most dynamically developing sector in Slovakia. It has resulted from establishment of three large car producers in Slovakia.

ZSSK CARGO offers this services package:

  • Siding consulting and services
  • Contract, invoicing, claim settlement at one point
  • Quality and guarantee of delivery deadlines of logistic trains
  • Information service on consignments in transit
  • Flexibility in train booking and cancellation
  • Empty vehicle reposition
  • Cooperation with specialized vehicle shipping and logistic providers



The biggest share of all transportations carried out by ZSSK CARGO belong to transportations of materials for metallurgical companies in the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Austria and transportations of their production mostly in transit to the former CIS countries. Goods comprise mostly iron bars, wires and coils. Also transit transportations of noble metal ores are significant. We carry goods not only for small and medium-size enterprises dealing with transport and engineering building operations, but we also succeed to meet transport needs of large-size enterprises. Each year, we carry ~6 mil. tons of such products.

Typical goods of this commodity are:
Manganese ore, other ores exclusive of iron ore, pig iron, ferro-alloys, semi-finished iron goods, steel, products from alloy or steel, ferrous scrap iron and steel and other scrap.

Wagon series suitable for transportation of metals


In this commodity we carry agglomerated and non-agglomerated iron ore as well as semi-finished goods on iron ore basis. A significant part is services provided to metallurgical enterprises. A great share of iron ore transportations belongs to transportations on the broad-gauge track. We participate in providing Ostravské Hute with sufficient volume of iron ore. Each year we carry ~ 14 mil. tons of iron ore.

Typical goods of this commodity are:
Agglomerated and non-agglomerated iron ore and its concentrates, burnt pyrite, goods made of iron or other spongy iron in pieces, pellets or other similar shapes.

Wagon series suitable for transportation of iron ore


Commodity of coal is a very significant part of ZSSK CARGO goods classification. For Slovak energy industry purposes we ensure import of coal from abroad. We also participate in transportations of coal mined in Slovakia. We meet operating needs of metallurgical giants with coal in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. We also execute transportations for small purchasers for heating purposes. Each year we carry ~ 8 mil. tons of coal.

Typical goods of this commodity are:
Black coal, coal cake, bulety and other similar solid propellants made of black coal, brown coal, agglomerated coal, coke and coalite made of black coal, brown coal or turf, fast extrusion coal.

Wagon series suitable for transportation of coal


Within this commodity we transport mostly refineries’ production. We are also involved in import of oil products, mainly gasoline from foreign refineries and transportations of heating mediums for energy industry purposes. We provide airports in Slovakia with jet fuel. We transport ~3 mil. tons of these goods per year.

Typical goods of this commodity are:
Mineral oil, mineral oil derivates, diesel oil, gasoline, tar, petroleum, gases, native asphalt.

Wagon series suitable for transportation of oil products


In regard to needs of chemical plants requiring regular supplies of materials and removal of finished products, we offer to our customers optimal consignment transportation. It is especially servicing of alluminium producers, raw chemicals and transportations distribution for companies involved in fertilizer production. We are a carrier of a large volume of chemical products in various series in transit. We transport ~ 3 million tons of such products each year.

Typical goods of this commodity are:
sulphur, xylenes a gases, ammonia, caoutchouc, rubber and their products, pitch coke, chemicals for paper manufacture, fertilizers, tyres, mineral resources, products and salts, chemical industry products, plastic materials, aluminum ore and aluminum concentrates.

Wagon series suitable for transportation of chemical products


We provide inland as well as international transportation of large volumes of raw or processed wood by rail. We are able to ensure transportation of wood of any kind, size and way of processing. In 2005 we participated in removal of salvage felling timber from the area of the High Tatras. We carry cca 3 mil. tons of goods of this commodity per year.

Typical goods of this commodity are:
Raw timber, processed wood and its products, softwood, hardwood, wood material (round timber), fiberboards, cellular tissue, cellulose, pulpwood.

Wagon series suitable for transportation of wood


We participate in beet and corn campaign by servicing domestic foodstuffs producers and by providing transportations on longer distances. We supply our services to Slovak breweries and we are involved in transportations of barley in former CIS countries. Export of products made of colza and transit of food products, such as sugar and edible oils are significant as well. Each year, we carry ~1 mil. tons of foodstuffs.

Typical goods of this commodity are:
Edible oils, sugar beet, molasses, corn and mill products, starch oddments, livestock products

Wagon series suitable for transportation of foodstuffs


We regularly cooperate with small, medium and large-size enterprises dealing with transport and engineering building operations. Export of calcite, dolomites and magnetizes is significant. We participate in transportations of finished building materials for imports and inland transport and ceramics ware and cement for export. We carry ~ 4 mil. tons of building materials per year.

Typical goods of this commodity are:
products made from stone, plaster, cement, ceramics, sand, lime, granulated slag, cinder.

Wagon series suitable for transportation of building materials


Within this commodity, we recognize goods, which are not possible to be classified to other commodities. We are involved in transportation of goods from engineering and glassmaking plants.  We also participate in export and inland transport of furniture. It seems, that also transportations of “white” electric devices (refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) produced by traditional or new producers and servicing of glassmaking plants in SR and its neighborhood will have a bright future. We carry up to 1 mil. tons of such products. 

Typical goods of this commodity are:
Non-ferrous metals, empty glass vessels and cullets, products of machine industry, “white” devices, electronics, furniture, garments, some kinds of food and passenger cars and components necessary for their manufacturing.

Wagon series suitable for transportation of unspecified commodities

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