Transport of dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods

The transport of dangerous goods in the conditions of ZSSK CARGO is carried out in domestic and international transport in accordance with valid regulations. The body competent for RID in the Slovak Republic is the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic, which publishes notification changes to the valid regulations on its website.

The current notification change to the Regulation for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID) in the Slovak language and its consolidated version are published:

The current notification change to the Rules for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (Annex 2 to the SMGS) is published:

The current versions of RID in German, French and English are published on the OTIF website. Since 2024 translations in the national languages are also published on this page:


For ZSSK CARGO customers with access to the ISP Customer Portal, all current documents are published in the section "Tariffs and regulations" on the tab "Transport of dangerous goods" - HERE

ZSSK CARGO also publishes up-to-date information on the transport of dangerous goods in the transport tariff notice "Instructional letter on the transport of dangerous goods".


Contact person:

Ingrid Krajcárová
Manager for the transport of dangerous goods - senior
Security Advisor of ZSSK CARGO for RID/Annex 2 to the SMGS

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