Siding services

Siding services

In effort to achieve higher quality of the rail transport services and higher customer satisfaction, ZSSK CARGO expanded its business by the private siding services. These services are provided by MPUs of a high quality and with necessary technical parameters and technical certificate and engagement of skilled staff.

We offer you:

  • Complex covering of all processes and activities related to rail transport at plant
  • Providing of all services of transport logistics
  • Ensuring of commercial operation at the private siding
  • Mediation of technical supervision of the private siding
  • Consultancy in the area of the private siding

Offered services:

a) Traffic services at the private siding - carriage of goods between the servicing railway station and the customer’s plant or plant of contact station:

  • Connection traffic – running of motive power unit and supply of wagons to the agreed delivery point at the private siding and vice versa, as well as necessary shunting with delivered wagons and wagons to be removed
  • Private siding servicing – grouping of wagons and shunting at the private siding in compliance with the customer’s requirements and the arranged technology procedures drawn up by ZSSK CARGO

b) Supplementary services at the private siding - services offered in order to increase the customer satisfaction and eliminate the burden of certain duties to be complied with:

  • Consultancy in the area of the private siding operation – private siding
  • Construction-maintenance supervision
  • Other supplementary services – mowing alongside the tracks, lubricating of points and derailing points, cleaning of points and derailing points from snow, ice, drift and grass

c) Private siding operation - total care of the private siding, including the activities related to traffic at the private siding, its functionality and appropriate technical condition. Private siding operation may include:

  • Ensuring the required technical condition of the private siding
  • Technical supervision of the private siding
  • Drawing up of regulations governing the private siding operation
  • Organizing of the traffic at the private siding
  • Manning of the private siding machinery
  • Shunting at the private siding to meet all customer’s transport needs
  • Other relevant activities
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